Real life (not virtual) Content Collaborator (Zürich-area only)
Do you have a flair for content, with your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest in pop culture, fashion, curent events, travel, and lifestyle? Are you comfortable on camera or in interviews and enjoy contributing your talents and intelligent insights? Do you have great taste, a sense of banter timing, an ability to carry conversation, and are known as reliable, dependable, and loyal? Is quick-thinking one of your strong points? If you are living in Zürich area and possess these qualities, we'd like to hear from you!
- Native or fully bilingual English speaker with excellent communication skills
- Highly creative with great ideas for content and execution
- Quick thinker with executional conversational skills
- Warm and engaging personality
- Enjoys supporting role positions
- Well mannered, yet at ease with your authentic yourself:
transparent, relaxes, honest, and outgoing
- You do interesting things constant with CLF's audience's interests in your personal life
- Help create and sometimes appear in visual and audio content (Instagram/IG reels and stories)
Zürich Seefeld
jasmin malouki
Bellerivestrasse 49
8008 zürich